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Handling non-performing unsecured and secured debts constitute the core business of B2Holding and is a highly specialised part of the financial sector. Our services provide attractive solutions for clients and ensure efficient and fair treatment of their customers. With extensive data, experience and modern systems for debt collection, we find solutions to debt problems.

Debt purchasing

B2Holding purchase non-performing loans from banks and other financial institutions. By selling the debt to us, our clients can reduce risk, improve the financial liquidity and focus on their core business, while we take care of their customers and offer them support to get out of debt with a flexible and fair approach.

Our long-term experience of portfolio pricing using data, analytics and expertise, provides efficient and reliable pricing for any industry, resulting in a realistic market value of the portfolios.

Most of the debt purchased by B2Holding are unsecured non-performing debt from credit institutions and non-financial providers such as telecom or utility. The recent years an increasing share of B2Holding’s unsecured portfolio purchases have been structured as forward flow agreements. With a forward flow agreement, the client assigns non-performing loans to B2Holding at defined intervals and at an agreed price. This secures seamless disposal of NPLs for the client and predictable flow of collections for B2Holding. B2Holding also purchase secured non-performing loan portfolios in selected markets. For these portfolios, B2Holding applies a line-by-line pricing methodology.

The Debt Industry

The Debt Industry

The Debt Industry

The process of collecting unsecured NPLs and the recovery of secured NPLs require different types of data, expertise and knowledge.

Debt collection and recovery

The process of collecting unsecured NPLs and the recovery of secured NPLs require different types of data, expertise and knowledge. B2Holding has the required capacity and expertise to handle both on a large scale. The number of completed transactions of non-performing loans, as well as the scale of the Group’s operations, support efficient and professional handling.

Unsecured collection

An unsecured loan portfolio will typically have a large number of debtors and we apply data, statistics and analytics to find the right strategic approach. For unsecured debt collection, B2Holding use two main collection strategies:

  • Amicable solutions – for debtors who are willing to co-operate. Our collection agents contact the debtors through letters, emails, phone calls or online customer portals – aiming for negotiation, collaboration and finding amicable solutions
  • Legal collection – for debtors with financial ability who are not available for negotiation or where the debtor is better served by a formal process.

Secured recovery

Secured portfolios will typically have fewer debtors and a larger average face value per claim. Our secured debt experts identify recovery strategies is based on the characteristics of the non-performing loan. Typically, the market value and type of mortgage will have an impact on the acquisition price, recovery strategy and the expected recovery time.

Debt servicing

As opposed to debt purchasing and collection of owned debt portfolios, debt servicing is collection of debt on behalf of others, such as banks and other credit providers. The recent years B2Holding has built capacity and capability to offer debt servicing in many markets and going forward the Group aims to increase revenues from of debt servicing. In some of the markets where B2Holding operates, the Group carry out third-party servicing and purchase debt from the same companies and financial institutions.

Other services

Invoice purchasing 

B2Holding offers invoice purchasing through Interkreditt Kapital in Norway, Interkredit in Sweden and OK Perintä in Finland. When purchasing invoices from a client, the receivables have not expired yet, securing the client a steady cash flow while B2Holding manages the invoice.

Telemarketing and fraud prevention

B2Holding offer telemarketing through Verifica in Spain. Verifica has a call centre that specializes in the marketing of consumer lending products and credit cards on behalf of some of the leading banks in Spain. Verifica also offers fraud prevention by carrying out background checks on new subscribers. This service mainly targets the telecom sector.


Credit information

B2Holding offers credit information as a service through Creditreform in Latvia. Creditreform is the leading player within credit information in the Latvian market and has a large database from which credit reports are prepared and provided as a service to customers.

Consumer lending

B2Holding offers consumer lending in a few selected markets. B2Holding currently has two licenced consumer lending companies: Takto in Poland and B2Kapital Finance IFN in Romania.