Our partnerships

A solid business partner

B2Holding rely on strong relationships with our clients – financial institutions and other credit providers – and our investment partners. In everything we do, we shall be a solid and reliable business partner supporting the partner’s reputation and offering attractive solutions.

Trusted debt purchaser

When acquiring non-performing loans, we take over consumer and corporate credits from banks, financial institutions and utility providers. These are our vendors and they rely on B2Holding to treat their customers with respect and fairness. To safeguard their own reputation, they trust that B2Holding maintains high ethical standards, privacy principles and routines and local services.

We earn our vendors’ trust through our everyday actions. Over time we have shown that they can rely on us to take care of their customers and to treat them fairly. As a result, we build strong partnerships that benefit all parties.

We earn our vendors’ trust through our everyday actions.

Attractive investment partner

Co-investment structures are opportunities for the Group to grow and build scale by leveraging our servicing platforms. In order to attract and transact with reputable and solid investment partners, B2Holding depends on gaining their trust. The investors must be confident that we are able to service the portfolio in an efficient and professional manner.

Through co-investment structures, we gain access to larger portfolios in the European NPL market and build scale by increasing assets under management, while controlling the related risk by adjusting exposure and overall allocation. The structures utilise the broad platform base of the Group and our existing servicing capacity and contribute to an increase of the revenues from third-party servicing.

Since B2Holding’s first co-investment partnership in 2016, the joint venture model has proved successful and additional partnerships have been established the recent years:

Co-investment partnerships


B2Holdings first co-investment partnership was established in 2016 in Romania through a joint venture with EOS for a large secured portfolio.

Waterfall Asset Management

The Group has four co-investment structures with Waterfall Asset Management for unsecured portfolios: Two portfolios in Greece, whereof one is also together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), were established in October 2018. The third co-investment is for a portfolio in Sweden, established in December 2019, while the fourth is for a portfolio in Cyprus, established in January 2020.


B2Holding has a co-investment with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Waterfall Asset Management for a portfolio in Greece, established in October 2018.


B2Holding established a 50/50 joint venture structure with DDM Group for a non-performing secured portfolio in Croatia in January 2019.

Banca Sella

In February 2020, B2Holding has established a collaboration agreement with Banca Sella for the purchase and management of third-party non-performing loans in Italy.