Our customers

We help people back on track

Every day we meet individuals and companies who, for one reason or another, have payment challenges. These are our customers, and we are dedicated to being a preferred creditor and offer them support to get out of debt. With a flexible and amicable approach, we find solutions.

As a debt solutions partner, we purchase non-performing loan portfolios from banks and other credit providers. When a portfolio of non-performing loans is transferred from the original lender to us, we take over the further contact with the customers and initiate the collection or recovery process.

Amicable approach

Within the B2Holding Group, we commit ourselves to treat all customers with dignity and respect. In our communication with the customer, we focus on understanding and co-operation, rather than denying that a debt problem exists.

Our debt collection and recovery specialists contact the customers and for each individual this is a new opportunity. Unlike most banks and creditors, we have room for negotiation with the customer made up by the discount we obtain when we purchase an NPL portfolio. While banks must largely treat all their customers the same, we can offer flexibility and go far to help customers who are willing to discuss solutions. Our aim is first and foremost to seek solutions together with the customer and create new repayment plans to help them back on track. Thus, we may reduce the amount collected or recovered and still make a reasonable profit. This provides for a win-win situation for the customer and for B2Holding.

Customers who are willing to co-operate and is ready for negotiations and settlement, are met with a flexible approach and a willingness to find amicable solutions. This is the preferred approach for both unsecured collections and secured recovery.


Finding amicable solutions is the preferred approach for both unsecured collections and secured recovery.

Legal collection and recovery

If a customer is unreachable for us and consequently prevents the repayment of the debt through an amicable negotiation and settlement process, we will follow another strategy. For those cases, we have established effective procedures to recover debt through legal actions. In some countries, such as Sweden and Finland, legal collection is preferred because the debtor is better served by a formal process.

Ethical and fair treatment

Ethical, sustainable and responsible services are of key importance for us. As a debt solutions provider, we need to earn the respect from both our vendors and their former customers. An ethical and fair treatment of our customers is a prerequisite for building a good and long relationship with vendors. By following the B2Holding Group’s Code of Conduct in our daily work, we secure that our business is conducted in an accountable and sustainable way.