This is B2Holding

A leading pan-European debt specialist

B2Holding is a professional and reliable partner within the debt purchase and servicing industry. We aim to bridge the gap that non-performing loans create in the credit market by finding solutions to debt problems. Honesty and fairness are fundamentals in our way of doing business.

  • Nordic based
  • Platforms in more than 20 European countries
  • Diversified by geography and asset classes
  • Solid capital structure with prudent leveraging

Business lines

The Group is organized within two business lines: Unsecured and Secured Asset Management. The countries are allocated according to their dominant ERC asset class and expected market potential.

Unsecured markets:

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary

Secured markets:

Italy, France, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro


  • Norway, Head office in Oslo
  • Luxembourg, Investment office and portfolio owner


Key financial figures

(NOK thousand)20192018
Total operating revenues2 873 8232 905 622
Operating profit (EBIT)958 5701 377 856
Profit after tax107 151
648 732
Net interest-bearing debt11 379 291
10 430 221
Total assets16 941 64616 173 734
Equity ratio25 %
27 %
Basic earnings per share (EPS)0.261.63

Estimated Remaning Collections (ERC)

Revenue split %

Gender distribution %

Our stakeholders


Human capital is the foundation of B2Holding. It is a strategic objective to be a preferred employer.


B2Holding is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and depends on equity and debt financing from investors and banks.

Banks and other vendors

Portfolios of non-performing loans are purchased from banks, other financial institutions and retailers, such as telecom companies.


When we take over a portfolio of non-performing loans, the debtors become our customers

National governments

The local laws and regulations define the framework for our business in each country.

EU institutions

Within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) the EU institutions define standards and requirements for the finance sector and the debt purchase industry.